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Our company started by developing the production management software, "KK21" for production factories, and has been long-engaged in developing other softwares (e.g. Management Reforms AP) to meet clients (such as Apparel Brands) needs. Our president (Kotani) and employees, who are well versed in the apparel field, accurately understand the clients needs; and provide precise proposals and operational improvement methods. These accumulated efforts help us to create a structure that satisfies our clients by controlling the cost. These are the main features of our company.

Totally more than 700 cases of introduction results series


We have been dedicated to the Apperal Business for more than 25 years.
Evoluving Management Reforms Series

By recent years, there is much request of the system solution which can be managed integrated in a clothing company and a trading company, a market analysis and planning of goods, production, a sale united management system and also Chinese sales market involved the storefront sales and system. Should answer to these voice, we continued researching and developing for a long time. The apparel know-how we accumulated has been concentrated and developed and we offer a solution to customers by "Management reform series" which was applied for fashion businesses.


Operation and Maintenance Support

■Domestic: Operation and Maintenance Service for the Operating System 
Since our customer support teams are well-versed in both hardware and software fields, and our installed system summary allocates the problems first, we can respond to the problems quickly (such as contacting SEs, request and give instructions to hardware maintenance personnel) as the situation demands. 

Installation Flow
・Since it's packaged soft, you can install it in the shortest period of time.
・You can choose option menus other than packaged soft.
・Flexible response focusing on the project framework and the operation form is available.
・We can also develop a system that links up with mission-critical systems, logistics systems, and CAD systems.

  ※can correspond to oracle( the cost is calculated alone)